How Can AI Save Enterprises from Malware Attacks?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, January 31, 2020

The current level of good safety practices should be maintained, and more businesses should keep safety healthy and take a realistic strategic action to decide where hackers can target future threats in the company.

FREMONT, CA: The need to secure the network grows as technology progresses. With more advanced tools, more hackers and cyber threats emerge every day. Analysis and strategies powered by artificial intelligence (AI) help the company protect the network. In order to collect and examine threats, it is essential to adopt a risk and business-centric approach. Below are certain critical points for businesses to be addressed in future years on the cybersecurity network.

Threat’s HD Image

The businesses should know the risk to the company to create a valid defense. The data can be collected from a variety of sources, including industry, stakeholders in the company, or by other interested entities, such as the National Cyber Security Centre, that provide information on sector-specific threats. Good presentation and analysis of the data provide organizations with the intelligence to take the expected decision, which later informs them of what type of defense they need and where they should make investments in endpoint security technology.


Whether it's for personal or commercial purposes, social media boosts the desire to hack another's account. Earlier, the user could visit a hacking website to buy a hacking tool. Today, users can buy the Hacking as a Service from malware engineers and specialists for the purpose of exploiting other profiles or hacking. Hacking services with cashback guarantees are becoming more important and much more professional. Although hacking, of course, remains illegal, the services tend to be a way of motivating people.

Defense and AI

AI will augment the possibility of a successful attack, so businesses must make arrangements. The signature-based malware security products will battle this forthcoming scenario. In the case of corporate defense gets breached by AI-enabled malware, which sits on the network, watches and learns any data in and out of the inbox, the relevant company financial data would not only be in danger but also the social and personal information.

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