How Blockchain can be an Asset for CMS

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Many companies are trying to implement blockchain in their application and processes. The technology can be an asset in the content management system (CMS), as the digital ledger of blockchain can ensure the authenticity of the contents. Let’s delve deeper to analyze the use cases of blockchain in CMS:

Tracking content rights and royalties:

The existing process of content rights administration requires many wasteful and inaccurate reconciliation processes, which is an arduous and time-consuming process.  A blockchain-based content rights and royalty management system can streamline administrative workflow and improve efficiency and accuracy in royalty distribution.

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Enhancing fact-checking:

Many companies have started relying on a blockchain-based solution like Trive News. Thrive News is a blockchain solution that crowdsources fact-checking like Wikipedia, rewarding contributors with cryptocurrency. These type of solutions provides transparency to information authentication, making it tough for disinformation groups to perform successfully.

Replacing digital signatures:

Digital signatures are an efficient way to certify the authenticity of information. However, digital signatures rely on third-parties and costly certificates that increases the maintenance burden to the overhead of handling the documents and files. Blockchain provides an inbuilt feature to check data integrity, which can be an asset in information management.

Combating disinformation:

Fake news has become a menace for countries. Many counties are trying to implement blockchain technology to fight online disinformation. A distributed blockchain ledger can validate information reliability and content integrity by enabling transparency and traceability of authorship.

Authenticating content creators:

Fake news comes from authors who spread the news for meager personal gains. Blockchain tools can validate a writer’s bona fides based on their past work. These solutions can also be effective in the social media platform to curb fake news menace.

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