How Artificial Intelligence is reshaping The Construction Industry

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping The Construction IndustryArtificial intelligence (AI) is the technology that currently construction industry looks up to. The new age technology holds the potential to improvise infrastructural designing and planning, deploying drones to mitigate risk and manage administrative work. The construction industry is just another one from many that are getting benefitted with the power of AI.

Infrastructural Planning and Designing

Designing and planning are essential when it comes to constructing the buildings. Traditional designing methods are time-consuming and at times are hard to understand for the common. It necessary that apart from engineers every other person associated in the process ranging from workers to investors understands the floor plan properly as this will also mitigate the risk for them. Here is when AI comes to the role, it collects all the data and creates the most feasible floor plan blueprints and 3D model making it comfortable to understands. Adopting AI for this saves time and money both as project managers can develop a precise strategy to carry out the job with minimal risk and failures.

Managing Administrative Tasks

Construction managers are usually busy with mundane and tedious tasks such as tracking leaves and work, managing worker records, allotting work and various others which can easily be handled by AI tools, with zero-error and complete efficiency. AI enabled tools also benefit the employees as they can feed and track their work on a daily basis and this brings transparency and trust in the process. Construction managers can focus on more productive tasks such as monitoring safety, work, and inventory.

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Drone Surveillance

Monitoring the site is very important for construction managers not just for productivity but also for worker safety and they cannot be present all the time at the sight. Drones emerge as a solution to this as they can be remotely operated and also with AI they can push security alarms and notifications to the managers. As drone can capture real-time photos, AI tools can compare them with the blueprints of the building, detect any faults and notify about the same.

Once the construction gets completed companies can utilize AI enabled devices to provide better service like smart homes and better interior plans for furnishing.  

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