How AI Helps in Threat Management and Cybersecurity

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Integrating an AI-driven cybersecurity model to expand current cyber capabilities helps analyze the potential threat in the network.

FREMONT, CA: In October 2019, an international organization had listed cyber-attacks amongst the ten global risks of immediate concern. It is projected that businesses worth 90 trillion dollars can be lost in ten years if obligatory actions are not taken to combat cyber-attacks.

Prioritizing Imperative Cybersecurity Areas

The volume of complex data received by different web portals, mobile devices, social media, sensors, and the internet of things is capacious. It becomes difficult to recognize data malware, which is often covered in the form of anonymous data.

Often the security snags in a company act like a loophole through which information can be discriminated by interlacing zip code. This aspect infringes on the privacy of users. Thus, it becomes imperative for any organizational set up to recognize the areas that need utmost attention, identify the absent risk management system, and manage a solution to detect and fix the threat incorporated with cybersecurity. This feature can be accomplished by automating cybersecurity with AI to enable certain decisions in cyberspace. The threats and risks associated with cyberspace must be categorized, listed, and rated. Furthermore, the grouping segregates the vulnerable points in the cybersecurity network that needs an immediate strategic solution to block the cyber-attack.

Augmenting Current Cyber Capabilities

Integrating an AI-driven cybersecurity model to expand current cyber capabilities helps analyze the potential threat in the network. It advances cybersecurity operations' quality and efficiency, distinguishes the abnormal patterns in processes, boosts detection and response, transforms data classification, prioritizes vulnerabilities, and deepfake detection and analysis.

Categorizing ways through which AI Adds Worth to a Cybersecurity Network

The relationship between cybersecurity and AI is essential for any organization to function effortlessly. It is a proactive approach that offers insight into the ongoing operation to antedate a threat and respond to it. It encourages AI to make data-driven decisions. Therefore protocols, procedures, policies, and stringent measures must understand the relationship between cybersecurity and AI methods. This element offers control over the risk management system and aids in chalking out strategies for improved cybersecurity.

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