How Advanced Cybersecurity Can Eliminate Cybercrimes in 2020?

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, January 06, 2020

As organizations move into the next decade, the advanced cybersecurity, which stems from known trends, must be acted on as quickly and effectively as possible.

FREMONT, CA: The rapid change in cybersecurity is increasing as technologies like 5G and AI helps new services and products. Even though used differently like from the consumer goods and smart cities to IIoT and level of maturity, nearly all are defined by growing connectivity and the risks that inherent there. Cybersecurity is increasing day by day, which means that most of the organizations are aware of the common attacks. In 2020, intruders will turn to uncommon techniques instead.

Utilizing 5G began in 2019 and increased dramatically in this year. Its implementation will force the governments and the enterprises to adopt cybersecurity methods that address network-based platforms. As more cities and towns government agencies overhaul the network, sophisticated attackers will start to tap into software vulnerabilities that are created by the expansion of bandwidth that 5G need and that creates a bigger attack base.

Governments and organizations will require to retool the network, tools and application security, and most of them will lead to a zero-trust approach for identity and authorizations on these 5G networks.  To keep up with the cyber intruders, threat detection, and threat intelligence should be by AI as well as machine learning.

Threat actors will use BYOD policies to work cross-platform campaigns that use both mobile and traditional desktop malware. Recent research discovered great nation state-based mobile cyber-surveillance activity. These types of attacks are likely to increase further in 2020. That will make it more difficult for the governments and organizations to seek to attribute these attacks as they face an increasing number of actors and endpoints on a larger scale.

Doing so will ensure the promise of next-generation technology is not derailed, but rather the opening of a transformative decade to come.

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