Forcepoint announces X-Labs that Integrates Behavior and Threat Intelligent

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, March 21, 2019

Forcepoint—the global cybersecurity leader— has launched the X-Labs division, the world’s first dedicated research division that combines deep security expertise with behavioral science research. X-Labs will apply data insights from Forcepoint product portfolio to develop a behavioral science-driven Converged Security Platform to drive innovation in modern, risk-adaptive security solutions. This will provide enterprises and government agencies more flexible and effective cybersecurity solutions appropriate for today’s complex, cloud-first threat landscape.

"Forcepoint X-Labs’ mission is to understand digital identities and their related cyber behaviors, particularly as they interact with high-value data and intellectual property. Our unique approach to cybersecurity delivers insights built on behavioral intelligence. Delivered within a privacy-by-design process, these behavioral insights have never been integrated into security products before. CISOs need a security partner that can pinpoint normal and abnormal behavior on today’s hybrid IT environments and dynamically deliver automated, risk-adaptive security solutions." stated Nicolas Fischbach, CTO at Forcepoint.

The X-Labs— a core building block of Forcepoint’s Converged Security Platform —will leverage the Adaptive Trust Profile™ (ATP)  containing artificial intelligence and analytics-driven attributes, models and inferences. It is intended to calculate risk scores and integrate with behavior-based analytics that get sensor data from cloud, endpoint and third-party applications. The ATP allows security professionals to stress on those entities which pose the highest level of risk to the business or other employees, relieving understaffed security teams from the business frictions plaguing current point security products.

Providing both threat and behavioral intelligence insights and natively integrating with Forcepoint's products, they offer true risk adaptive protection which understands people and their behavior. This significantly reduces security friction in an organization and allows to unleash the power of productivity and innovation for competitive advantage.

No other cybersecurity vendor other than Forcepoint is teaming security researchers with data scientists, psychologists, and counter-intelligence specialists to innovate security solutions that genuinely understand people and their cyber behaviors.

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