Firewall, the Digital Gatekeeper Guarding Businesses Against Cyber Threats

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Firewalls are the digital shields that the corporates are relying on, to safeguard their businesses. This digital barricade stands as the foremost line of defense against cyber attacks.

FREMONT, CA: The term firewall is not new in the cybersecurity landscape, and they are an essential part of the computer and network cybersecurity strategy. Similar to a digital gatekeeper, it restricts unauthorized access to a network or computer. Firewalls create a digital boundary, and with a stable set of policies and technologies in place, firms can keep themselves safe from hackers.

By guarding the traffic that crosses the network boundary, a firewall protects many sensitive, exploitable internal resources from danger.  There is no apparent limit between inside and outside of a network without a firewall. The filtering enabled by a firewall solution ensures that anyone inside a system can easily access external services but prevents external devices from initiating connections to internal computers – unless they meet specific authentication requirements. Deploying, configuring, and testing a firewall solution is a primary step in building a secure network.

Firewall installation significantly reduces the threat surface of the network by preventing numerous ways in which an attacker can infiltrate into the system. Once a firewall is configured, monitoring is essential. Continuous monitoring services are tailored to help detect and respond to any potential cybersecurity threats that reside in a network.

If an organization stores, processes, or transmits customer personal data or performs other functions protected by data protection laws and regulations, implementing a basic cybersecurity solution is a common requirement for maintaining compliance. Failing to implement and properly configure a firewall is commonly considered a failure to meet the minimum cybersecurity and may result in the organization being fined or facing legal action.

A survey by Wombat Security conducted in 2019 reveals that 76% of businesses reported being a victim of a cyber attack. Given the many troubling network security trends, the firewall rules and policies need to be spot on, and it should be periodically updated if an organization want to stay away from cyber attacks.

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