Featuring Advanced Security Capabilities with the Power of Automation

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Advanced securityStreamlining security infrastructure, with the help of automation, can make reduce cyber threats considerably.

FREMONT, CA: The business ecosystem is highly connected to the internet today. Most operations and devices in an enterprise are linked and hence, increase the probability of cyber threats. In a quest to find enhanced solutions to security threats, organizations are now turning their attention towards automation. The automation of security involves a comprehensive and integrated network infrastructure which is equipped to take action automatically in the case of any anomalies or attacks. Tools that security service providers offer to make use of internal as well as external data and helps safeguard systems in the following ways.

· Compatible Tools that Allow Integration

Most companies use security tools from a range of service providers. This makes integration a little tricky. With automation facilities, companies can expect better integration and afford robust threat intelligence. Data from external threats and data from internal safety and security allow highly specific monitoring and detection.

· Faster Response Time

Real-time visibility over all the operations and systems is imperative for businesses to be able to detect threats and prevent them from exploding into a security nightmare. With automation tools, the process of combing through operations and searching for risks becomes faster. The security tools are adept at triggering an alert as soon as a potential attack is predicted.

· Preventive and Recovery-oriented Steps

Along with fast detection and alerts, the automated security systems are also capable of initiating necessary procedures to weed out any significant threat. In case of attacks that happen, systems can respond with the least amount of time lag, without any human intervention. This prevents the scale of threats from becoming alarming.

· Minimum False Positive and Maximum Cost Savings

False positives reduce productivity. Automation in security minimizes the occurrence of false positives. The infrastructure is designed to handle low-level risks by itself, and thus the dependence on manual verifications and checks reduce. This can be directly linked to cost savings.

When organizations automate their cyber-threat detection, the whole security strategy becomes more futuristic.

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