Evolving CCTV Surveillance Technology Trends

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, October 01, 2021

Artificial intelligence assists in the analysis of live video from many video streams without the need for human interaction.

FREMONT, CA: Smart, intelligent surveillance is rapidly evolving. Today's security equipment requires more data storage and integrated technical competencies due to AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and 4K video resolution. The increased media quality and detailed data impact the speed, network, and storage capacity.

Backup and storage are critical aspects that must be considered ahead of time because surveillance equipment must run 24/7. To function substantially for safe-shielding the premises, these systems must include hybrid hardware and software components. Take a look at the most recent CCTV surveillance technology trends.

Modern Surveillance System

ML and deep learning are taking over technology, and they're here to stay. Security in AI is currently limited to CCTV auto-control; however, future devices will enable end-to-end data processing and AI application. Data will be analyzed on-site by future security surveillance systems. Such devices will reduce server costs while also improving functionality and efficiency. Digital devices are becoming more capable than ever for analytics due to the Internet of Things. The rise of 5G will provide quicker speeds and bandwidth to remote monitoring and increased security, flexibility, and response. Without a doubt, facial recognition and speech recognition will become more frequent in modern surveillance systems.

AI and ML

ML and AL are not new terms that are revolutionizing various industries, including surveillance. Consider CCTV equipment as digital eyes that are either watching over people or, in most cases, watching out for everyone, owing to the integration of AI and ML technologies.

Surveillance systems are getting a digital brain so they can collaborate with the digital eyes. AI assists in the analysis of live video from many video streams without the need for human interaction. It aids law enforcement in detecting crimes or unfortunate situations even before they occur.Alternately, ML improves the functionality of surveillance systems. Furthermore, it has become a necessary component of security equipment to aid in the monitoring and protection of environments from illegal entry.