Evident Cyber Onslaughts in Future Cybersecurity Landscape

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, February 15, 2019

Cybersecurity landscape evolution is not just restricted to upgrades in security measures but has reached to threats as well. Technology never comprised morality allowing malicious activity professionals to discover the sinister side of it. The proximate future is evident to witness new cyber threats capable of breaching the defensive layers of enterprise security.  Apart from enterprise security, threats will target private and least monitored entry points to gain access to data.

Visibility Lapse will continue to Intensify Data Breaches

Digitization led companies to migrate their operations and applications to hybrid cloud platforms for higher efficiency, making them more vulnerable to cyber onslaughts. The vulnerability intensifies when organization losses control and visibility over their assets. Such visibility lapse provides an open target for hackers to crack in and get hands-on IT assets. Many enterprises are not even aware of the risks associated with their external assets and focus only on the internal system. Such organizations will face crunch time in mitigating vulnerabilities and data breaches. The only way out is through an upgrade in cloud security systems and improvement in asset visibility.

Software Updates Onslaught

Saviour turns destroyer, sounds odd but true. In recent times, malicious activities have been carried out through injecting malware in legitimate security packages designed to defend the same. The weird but effective approach implemented either at production at the software vendor, third-party storage points or through any redirection. Supply chain sector observed the software update attacks the most in recent past, where the deployed update package resulted in the breach. Similar kinds of approach will be witnessed by other verticals as well. Continuous monitoring and validation can be the solution to the same.

AI in the hands of Attackers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not limited to defend only. Hackers from around the globe have started to harness the power of technology for penetrating the AI security layers. Diamond cuts diamond suits the scenario best as AI will be involved on both ends of cybersecurity. The side which will explore and implement deep layers of AI will have a hand over the other and higher chances of putting other’s intentions to the soil.

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