Epazz BoxesOS,cv. 3.0 Software Enhances Crop Yields Through Drones & Blockchain

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, January 20, 2023

Epazz provides cloud-based applications to enterprises, government agencies, academic institutions and agricultural producers across multiple revenue streams.

FREMONT, CA: A company called Epazz offers investors the opportunity to get directly involved in addressing global food shortages, climate change, and raising agricultural production by investing directly in a company. With the help of drones, proprietary software, and blockchain technology, all of this can be accomplished. In this way, agricultural fields are tokenized, farmers receive financial support, and cryptocurrency is produced in a more sustainable and smarter manner. It also provides digital assets, web-based software, real estate and other services at a profit to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and higher education institutions as its end-market.

There are a number of factors that will contribute to the intensification of food shortages around the world in 2023, including climate change, fertilizer shortages, and man-made wheat shortfalls due to unrest in the Ukraine. The World Food Program (WFP) estimates that there are 135 million people facing food shortages in 53 countries. There will also be a global food shortage by 2023 according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Agriculture is still developing alternatives to fossil fuels, such as solar-powered tractors.

All of this enables farm owners, plantation associations and agricultural business investors to meet general market demand -- and offset growing food shortages. It creates sustainable energy sources by creating a cooling technology to control the underground servers temperature, the Company says.

Epazz provide custom cloud applications and services to small to midsized businesses, governments, educational institutions, and agricultural producers, all of which contribute to our revenue stream.

CryObo Technology, Epazz's proprietary technology, enables farmers to raise capital at future terms via accurate predictions of future crop yields through ZenaDrone aerial data and blockchain.

Using the drone, the farmer can capture accurate and actual information about the crop's health. Epazz's CryObo software allows farmers to sell the future harvest of crops by projecting the future harvest and using Epazz's CryObo data.

Agricultural producers, crop producers, and investors all benefit from this solution. The farmers can then sell the crops they are raising in advance using accurate drone and blockchain data.

A tokenization platform called Epazz will enable farmers to earn extra capital and tokenize their crops. CryObo, Epazz's software that utilizes the ZenaDrone 1000 technology, will also utilize solar power to create sustainable Bitcoin mining and NFT tokens for farmland tokenization.

We are exploring new sources of revenue for CryObo technology using drones and blockchain technology," says Shaun Passley, Ph. D., CEO and Chairman, of Epazz, Inc. He adds that Epazz is integrating its ZenaDrone technology with the CryObo tokenization system to expand access to farm investing