Enzoic Unveils its E-Commerce Channel

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Enzoic launches an e-commerce channel that makes deploying unique credential screening solutions straightforward and simple for businesses.

FREMONT, CA: Enzoic, the top provider of compromised credential screening solutions, launches an e-commerce channel. It makes deploying unique credential screening solutions straightforward and simple for businesses. Password vulnerability is critical for each industry, from small enterprises to massive international corporations, with 61 percent of breaches arising from the manipulation of credential data.

B2B buyers and sellers favor digital self-serve by more than 75 percent. Several firms don't have time for managing a manual buying cycle procedure, especially for busy IT and security departments. Consumers can now select between a self-serve model and a typical high-touch sales procedure with Enzoic based on their specific requirements. Companies with minimal IT resources may now incorporate Enzoic's automated solutions to continually monitor and identify corrupted credentials in a simple and cost-efficient manner.

Consumers may rapidly and effortlessly install the Enzoic Active Directory solution in minutes utilizing a setup wizard due to Enzoic's frictionless experience. Various SDKs are available for the Enzoic Account Takeover Protection API, considerably decreasing the time required to implement with current authentication systems. Consumers are alerted of software updates using the admin console or email, enabling them to choose when to run them.

"Our mission is to eradicate the risk from exposed credentials by providing a range of ways for organizations to purchase and integrate our screening solutions," said Michael Greene, CEO, Enzoic. "The e-commerce channel creates a friction-free way for every enterprise across the globe to strengthen their defenses against an array of password attacks."

Enzoic is a cybersecurity business that focuses on eliminating account takeover and fraud by detecting stolen passwords. Enzoic solutions may be used to screen customer and staff accounts for vulnerable username and password combinations, allowing organizations to identify accounts that are at risk and prevent unwanted access. Enzoic is a profitable Colorado-based private firm.

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