Enterprise Wireless Networks Now Secured with Advanced Protocols and Measures

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, October 31, 2019

Wireless NetworkAs network grows in size and complexity, security also needs to increase. The security protocols have advanced to offset the constant evolution of attacks.

FREMONT, CA: Enabling the enterprise with network security is becoming an increasingly complex undertaking, as the number of threats emerging from the internet continues to grow. Hackers are more vigilant in knowing and accessing the information by implementing new ways to attack systems and steal data. Dealing with these threats is highly complex, while numerous reviews like this may indicate that virtual private networks can guard enterprises against all risks.

Multiple Systems

Dealing with enterprise network security means securing a number of related and connected systems, mainframes, and devices. It does not apply only to private companies. Enterprise security is also applicable to enterprises such as educational institutes and government departments. As networks run by these organizations grow in size and complexity, the security concerns multiply proportionally.

At present, all enterprise systems are operated by wireless networks. This is a significant compromise to their security, as the wireless access point is always vulnerable in being infiltrated. As companies increase security to protect important data, hackers find different techniques to disarm them. Some of the techniques comprise of packet sniffing, creating rogue access points, stealing passwords and other network access information, spear phishing, and so-called man-in-the-middle attacks. Each of these techniques has the potential to compromise sensitive data and even bring down the entire network.

Regular Patching

IT professionals that are responsible for network security should make sure both the software and hardware should be patched regularly. Updating the software is very crucial as vulnerabilities appear in even the best-known programs with much higher alarming regularity.

Security Measures

There are a number of techniques that are available for helping and keeping the enterprise network safe and secure. Network security protocols are evolving in a manner to deal with the attacks, even though staying one step ahead of the hackers is difficult. This is the reason why the contribution of white hat hackers to the security community is valuable.

WPA2 incorporates the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), with a majority of enterprise security providers that deliver at 256-bit encryption level. This standard of encryption makes it impossible to crack the protection, even for the advanced supercomputers.

Security standard

As authorities attempt to aid businesses in protecting the data, several security standards have been established. One of them includes the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 compliance for encryption. This can be considered particularly important for enterprise networks that need particular robust encryption. The organization should ensure that the network is fully compliant with a particular standard.

Multiple-Factor Verification

Every enterprise should ensure that they initiate multi-factor authentication across the network. It is enough to crack much harder to crack the enterprise system. Strong passwords combined with multiple layers of security and authentication will make the organization's network way more secure.

Secure Protocols

Another security measure named Extensible Authentication Protocol-Transport Layer Security is another authentication framework that makes harder for the attackers and hackers to gain access to the network. This also helps in enhancing the authentication transaction and communication as well. Along with this, there are other protocols that can be used as well, but one final process, like the implementation of a guest Wi-Fi network. This can be kept apart from the main network, offering a vital guaranteed mechanism for network security. By employing routers with multiple Service Set Identifiers, the organizations can isolate the valuable enterprise network access points, and ensure that the data is kept under safe and secure protection.

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