Ensuring IoT Edge Device Security with the All-New Cloud-To-Flash Approach

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, May 16, 2019

As operations multiply, networks support more data traffic, thereby, increasing the demand for cybersecurity and process optimization in a tech-driven connected environment. Most enterprises employ edge devices to process both user and operational data as they require minimized network infrastructure specifications such as bandwidth, reducing the functional overhead. Since the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT) is now becoming the hackers' paramount target and edge devices are mainly a part of the public domain, enterprises are on the verge of compromising on the network security. That's where cloud-to-flash comes into the frame.

Cloud-to-flash is an approach, which is specially designed to strengthen IoT-driven edge device communication processes. Helping the business networks in safeguarding the connected devices from software attacks the new flash solution monitors the device activities and deliver end-to-end security. Cloud-to-flash is a hardware solution, which can be, efficiently deployed into the system memory, and does not demand any additional system modules or processing units. Entrepreneurs consider this technique to be extremely cost-effective and scalable.

Emerging as one of the most sustainable connected edge security solution cloud-to-flash supports almost all the advanced cybersecurity features such as intrusion detection, data access authorization, device communication protection and many more. By resolving the software architectural complexities and preventing suspicious random software manipulations, the cloud-to-flash method provides an exclusive NanoLock feature to manage, implement and control all the security-related concerns. Involving updated use cases offered by endpoint security protocols, the new cybersecurity strategy works on the principle of notifying the user about the cloud activities and updating the users about the status of the network, processor and more.

The effective cloud-to-flash NanoLock security system makes achieving IoT edge device security inevitably easier and simpler. This flash-based cybersecurity strategy is impacting almost all the digitally transformed industrial sectors.  



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