Enhancing Security Preparedness with Managed Security Services

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, May 30, 2019

Managed Security ServiceFREMONT, CA: The increasing levels of sophistication among hackers have greatly affected the security ecosystem in organizations. The prowess of cybercriminals has ensured that security breaches become more common than ever. No organization, be it big or small, is entirely safe from these threats. This has led to organizations revamping their security systems and adopting the best practices, as well as new technologies to build protection. Despite the increasing investments, it has been difficult to prevent security crimes from happening. To strengthen the security further and fill any gaps present in the infrastructure, firms should look for increasing expertise. Increased expertise through Managed Security Services is a great option. 

Organizations should carefully consider the option of managed security services because the company controlled security strategies ride a risk of becoming redundant. Hackers are developing new means of taking advantage of using DDoS, malware, ransomware, phishing, spoofing, skimmin

g, bots, dark web transactions, and day-zero threats. This means, to mitigate the risks, companies have to keep re-skilling the staff, which might not be a sustainable practice if considered from financial perspectives. The challenges in developing the security skills that companies face are many.

Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) assists organizations in managing the day-to-day security-related affairs like upgrades, patches, threat detections, monitoring, and backups. Maintaining consistency with multi-cloud security and associated policies becomes difficult for companies due to a variety of reasons. MSSPs, with their expertise a

nd partnerships with cloud platforms, are better placed to deal with related issues. MSSPs offer highly specialized services that become essential when it comes to extensive monitoring and application of patches daily. The integration of devices and networks of the organization with external networks makes it complicated for the in-house experts as it requires further understanding.

The MSSPs can effectively deal with integrated systems to mitigate risks. The evolving security scenario makes it mandatory for regulatory authorities to keep updating regulations. In such cases, compliance becomes an issue. MSSPs can lend a hand in helping organizations keep up with changing rules to ensure compliance.

Security threats have the power to make or break businesses. Companies should acknowledge that keeping security updated and active is no easy task. Timely help from managed security services can prevent under-preparedness and make security robust.

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