Enhancing End-Point Visibility

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, March 26, 2021

Endpoint visibility is vital because most attacks start on endpoints used by people—not the firewall or the servers.

FREMONT, CA: With millions of employees now working from remote locations and new services being released to help them, the conventional security perimeter has vanished. This has created a major challenge for the security teams tasked with defending their organizations against threats – a hurdle made even harder when cybercriminals' tactics are continually evolving. Here is an exploration of the concept of endpoint security, outlines the importance of developing an endpoint monitoring potential, and examines the options available to help enterprises achieve this.

Importance of User Endpoint Visibility

When it comes to protection, user endpoints often take a backseat to servers, which are considered the home of an enterprise's crown jewels, comprising applications and data stores. Thus, enterprises are satisfied with applying only less security strategy to user endpoints, usually consisting only of anti-virus software. Anti-virus coupled with an endpoint visibility program could then help make user endpoints the best place to stop an attack before it causes any additional harm.

Built-in Security Tools

Many enterprises depend solely on these built-in features and tools, believing they alone are all that is required. And while these are very potential and capable tools, there usually comes a tradeoff between the time and resources for administrators to configure and maintain these tools vs. the other operational work those folks could be doing. In a cross-platform environment with several OS types, having tools that work across the board will usually result in a better overall experience.

Monitoring Process Executions

Monitoring endpoint activity gives a holistic view of the security environment, which is essential to effective endpoint identification and response. And having clear visibility in this area enables the security team to take advantage of threat intelligence to identify known threats and respond in a timely fashion.

File Integrity Monitoring

The firm should keep a close eye on the vital system and/or application files on an endpoint to make sure nothing is compromised or modified by someone without needed privileges. In the case someone who shouldn't have permission gains access to a critical file path, the security team will be notified and can respond right away. Ultimately, this would offer a better security posture and assist limit downtime for their customers.

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