Endpoint Detection and Response Building Secure Network Services for SMBs

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The new cloud-based EDR offers end-to-end solutions and services for the telecommunication sector to ensure customer service satisfaction.   

FREMONT, CA: Square Clover, a network-based service provider, has launched Desktop Defenders, a managed network security solution. The latest managed network security offers an advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for the small and medium business community. The company provides cloud-based solutions and services for hosted phones, IT, and structured cables. Delivering a high level of support and customer service, Square Clover enables the facilities to customize the solutions based on customer expectations. 

The latest network security offering, desktop defenders, features security, support and savings for the business. The system uses network analysis tools to create an accurate and comprehensive report for the customer's network. It helps to identify the security holes, potential financial liabilities and delivers a network asset report. It simplifies the complex IT security services by sharing the required information to the customers about the network reports and significant sections. The instant accessibility and availableness to the customers help in meeting their requirements soon and building an efficient business communication.

The latest software tool is highly skilled to support customers with sufficient security options and comprehensive IT solutions. For network security, it runs a complete analysis by deploying various layers of the defense system. Features such as the implementation of different filters for web and mail, introduction artificial intelligence with encrypted backup and endpoint virus protection, maximize the service-level offerings. Likewise, there are different segments covered by the security suite such as network designs, servers, physical network architecture, support plans and more.

With over a century of industry experience, Silver Clover offers enhanced products and industry-leading customer services. The centralized management system proves to be an alternative for both Small and Mid-size Businesses (SMBs) for advanced virtual infrastructure. Providing an effective combination of value and service for all telecommunication, data and structured cable requirements, the company raises the standard of a reliable and optimal business network solution.  

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