Emerging Technology Innovations to Enhance the Financial Industry

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, March 06, 2019

In this limitless world of today, when enterprises cater to customers spread across the globe, the role of financial services becomes more noticeable. Technology has impacted the financial services landscape and has opened the door to bigger rooms for improvement and decision making. With the digitalization of monetary transactions becoming increasingly important from an analytics standpoint, protecting its integrity has also become equally challenging. Financial risk factors associated with a global presence is very high, and FinTech has to deal with challenges like scalability, fraud prevention, and information security. Developing their technology strategy that goes hand in hand with multiple demographics is one of the main problems for the banks in the future.

With a new, innovative approach by combining platforms, channels, and technology, digital financial services have offered a faster, useful, and convenient experience to customers. Financial services are accessible to millions of people now with new products which were not available earlier. Expansion of smartphones and the combination of cloud computing and data science has opened opportunities to establish financial identities for the billions who are underbanked. Conditions for the large-scale development of mobile financial services is being created with the universal use of smartphones that has enabled organizations to increase financial inclusion which is changing the digital Telco space. There is a need to try all possibilities to help people better manage their money with the help of technology.

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If insurers, asset managers, and banks want meaningful growth, then they need to reconsider their IT remarkably and should start offering the sorts of experiences that social media sites and online retailers offer. However, these transitions should be handled with care like the rest of the aspects else in the financial world. There is a need for apps that automate saving for every app that prompt spending. There is a requirement for an equally attractive way to understand the five-year business plan of companies for every digital party streamer that celebrates an investment.

The investment in data science by the companies each day will transform the ways of access to financial services which were unattainable a few years ago. Keeping the consumers’ best interests in mind, financial technology should be accordingly built.

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