Do Passwords Need Safety Too?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, July 02, 2020

Passwords are crucial elements to keep personal information safe, as every account is guarded by a password or a PIN that should only be accessed by the owner.

FREMONT, CA: Remembering the PINs and passwords is very significant when it comes to maintaining the privacy and keeping the accounts protected. One of the possible problems for any user, who works on a computer or high-tech device like smartphones or tablets, is illegal access. The consequences of such break-ins can show the way to the victims' loss of valuable data like presentations and emails. Additionally, bank account information, money, or their identity of the victim might also be mimicked or stolen. Although the government has overturned its strict suggestions for user passwords, several services still insist on having a unique and complicated secret code to make sure that the security of the password is intact.

It is believed that passwords make sure of the safety of personal information. Nevertheless, the truth is that they do not protect the public from hackers or maintain the privacy of online data. Online banking and shopping, Google passwords and usernames, and smart TVs are the most common security models that are still in use since 1963, over half a century ago. Fernando Corbato, better known as the inventor of a computer password, expressed that with the World Wide Web, passwords have turn out to be a near nightmare.

As per Michael Chertoff, passwords are the weakest link in cybersecurity, to date. The government can force the industry and agencies both to implement robust solutions to safeguard the password by making their substitution a priority nationwide.

A few most prominent password flaws that people make, but needs to be avoided at every cost are:

• Making the device remember the passwords is not safe, and one must not use the "save" or "remember me" options on any public computer.

• Repetitive password change can end up being counterproductive as people go to the extent of changing one password from another frequently.

• As per the government suggestion, the password should be compared against the rest of the passwords that are commonly used or compromised, with the help of a password screening tool.

• The password must be straightforward but smart, both at once.

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