Dealing with Network Security Threats the Right Way

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 30, 2018

Dealing with Network Security ThreatsIn today’s expanding IT environment, collecting network usage data and deploying firewalls to monitor a network is hardly a standard procedure. Relying solely on endpoint monitoring can put insights on the network traffic and the overall network behavior in an organization’s blind spot, providing hackers with adequate opportunities to expose and exploit potential flaws in the data. This initiates the shift from the conventional reactive security to deploying proactive security measures, to prevent vulnerabilities from escalating into critical proportions. The best way organizations can bolster network security is by incorporating anomaly detection software to unearth network anomalies before they pose a problem. All behavioral patterns from machines, users, and data are observed, mapped, and monitored by the detection software, creating a baseline to send out warning signals in case of any deviation from the expected network activity. The anomaly detection software examines and monitors all the endpoints for their data streams and can be automated to perform a predetermined set of actions if specific conditions are met.

Additionally, the community sharing feature of the anomaly detection software can compile the signatures of the encountered threats and shares that information with all the end users across its install base. Anomaly detection leverages crowd-sourcing to identify a vast majority of potential attacks brewing among the known pieces of malware. However, every defense system has its weak points. Community sharing falls short in the presence of an entirely new idiosyncrasy in a threat-the zero-day attack. In case of a failure to mitigate that new threat the first time around, the software assigns a signature to the new threat and shares it with the rest of the end users, eliminating the vulnerabilities of other organizations to that same threat. With anomaly detection designed and integrated with the initial IT stack for unparalleled network visibility, network security is now a step closer to annihilating threats dead in their tracks.

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