Datawiza To Offer A No-Code Platform To Support Customer Single Sign-On

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, March 14, 2022

The No-Code Datawiza platform removes all of the friction associated with spending months of development time developing multi-tenancy SSO for various identity platforms, giving vendors a crucial new selling point and driving speedier adoption.

Fremont, CA: SaaS companies must make it simple for B2B customers to log in and use services. Despite this, several of these clients have already deployed Single Sign-On (SSO) for their own infrastructures by standardizing on an identity platform. When users are unable to enter into the SaaS platform using their SSO credentials, the customer's security team loses control and visibility into the accounts that users create on the SaaS platform, potentially leading to uncontrolled costs and compliance violations. SSO is also significantly more user-friendly. This is why organizations are now requiring SSO from their SaaS vendors.

Datawiza, the first company to provide a no-code platform for implementing authentication and authorization for applications and APIs, has announced support for B2B Single Sign-On (SSO) with granular access controls for their customers, enabling multi-tenant SaaS platforms to immediately support their customers' secure access requirements, regardless of which identity platform the customers use, including Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Amazon, Google, and others. This unique Datawiza feature reduces the need for SaaS platform developers to spend months establishing multi-tenancy SSO for several identity platforms. It can also help the SaaS provider drive faster adoption, provide a higher-quality service, and improve sales. Datawiza can be set up in minutes and supports B2B SSO without the need for coding.

Because Datawiza was created and built by cloud and security specialists, every customer may immediately enable SSO through their preferred identity platform whenever a B2B SaaS vendor deploys the No-Code Datawiza platform. Businesses can change or embrace a different identity platform at any time, with no coding effort required from the SaaS vendor. There is no need to divert development resources to SSO coding efforts with Datawiza.

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