DataDome Unveils Improved Online Fraud and Bot Management Solution

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Threat analytics and industry benchmarks equip users to fight online fraud more effectively across all endpoints: mobile applications, websites, and APIs.

FREMONT, CA: DataDome, an AI-powered solution provider protecting online commerce firms, releases a new DataDome Online Fraud & Bot Management edition. This improved solution gives businesses even more extensive, actionable data about the same dangers they encounter—and that DataDome protects them from—in real-time, as well as a benchmark for how their threat levels compare to those in their industry.

“By now, it’s well established that bots account for a significant portion of mobile and web traffic, and businesses are aware of the problem,” said Benjamin Fabre, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, DataDome. “But knowing you have a problem and understanding the specific threats bots & online fraud represent are two different things. Bots have grown so sophisticated; they are now specialized by threat. This means each type of threat requires a tailored response across the board. Full endpoint protection, including mobile applications, websites, and APIs, is critical. Bots and hackers alike will find and target any weak link in your applications.”

DataDome Online Fraud and Bot Management’s latest edition blends new insights with long-standing client favourites in a slick new UI and notification platform. Users may now delve into each assault with a single click to better understand its trajectory and report back with actionable insights about cyber risks.

The key characteristics are the following:

Comprehensive threat analysis with industry benchmarks: The enhanced solution now enables users to quickly determine the date and duration of an attack across any or all endpoints, the source of the attack, the domains and specific endpoints targeted the top five targeted URLs, and how the threat level compares to similar attacks within the same industry.

Access control: Organizations can establish and activate a response strategy based on threat types, then leave the heavy job to DataDome.

Data lake exploration: Users may dive deep into granular data—including IP addresses, countries of origin, user agents, referrer domains, rules, rule kinds, and session IDs—and rapidly test scenarios against 30 days of live traffic.

“Our new release empowers businesses with the data they need to go on the offense against online fraud, which ultimately reduces wasted man-hours and customer churn. It’s a win for everybody—except for fraudsters and threat actors,” said Fabien Grenier, co-founder and CEO of DataDome

Every day, DataDomes’ AI-powered bot detection engine analyzes over a trillion bits of data from 25 global points of presence to provide real-time protection against online fraud, such as web scraping, account takeover, Layer 7 DDoS, and payment fraud. Forrester and users alike have lauded its ease of use and superior features. DataDome constantly obtains 5-star user reviews, putting it in the prime position among online fraud and bot management solutions on G2, the world’s largest technology marketplace and review platform.