Data Encryption: Securing Sensitive Data in the Changing Corporate Environment

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, August 05, 2019

Data EncryptionDigital security is becoming increasingly crucial for enterprises to protect sensitive data as customers bank, shop, communicate online; at the heart of that security lies data encryption.

FREMONT, CA: Data is increasingly central to the economic prosperity of any business. To restrict access to critical infrastructure and protect the valuable business asset, enterprises rely on encryption, an idea that keeps cybercriminals away from sensitive data. Enterprises are not immune to security breaches, but employing data encryption is the safest way to protect information and reputation with current and future clients.

The critical reason why an enterprise must encrypt its data is because of how easy and how important it is. Encryption and data

security are becoming easier as more and more organizations implement it. Knowing its importance will improve it further, with data security being the highest priority of every enterprise. In the process of encryption, data is converting into an indecipherable code while in transit or storage. This prevents any unauthorized access from suspicious third-parties and keeps personal information under tight lock and key.

Encryption needs to apply in a systematic way to ensure data does not slip through the missing gaps. Businesses must prepare a data-protection strategy in and look at what employees do, how they use sensitive data, and how data flows naturally inside and outside of the enterprise.


Then emerge with a plan, and communicate it across the enterprise so that individual employees should be aware of the organization's data protection strategy and what it means to them.

The advantages of encryption are not only restricted to online security. An enterprise can also encrypt data on the computer, hard drives, USB, and even mobile devices. This can help prevent misuse of the information if the device goes lost or hacked. All this means that the need for encryption to keep data secure is imperative. It holds an enterprise's confidential data secret and gives its customers comfort in knowing their information is not up in hacker's hands.

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