Cymulate Adds Two New Solutions to its Holistic Security Posture Validation Platform

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, October 06, 2021

The two new solutions from Cymulate significantly decrease the risk of external and internal assets being exposed.

FREMONT, CA: Two new solutions from Cymulate are now available to help businesses assess their security technologies and policies. Vulnerability Prioritization Technology (VPT) works with vulnerability scanners to shorten risk exposure time on internal assets, and Attack Surface Management (ASM) discovers susceptible external assets. These new services enable security teams to prioritize vulnerabilities and mitigate actions more efficiently, resulting in a quicker time to remediation.

Organizations are in a perpetual race to detect, prioritize, and remedy susceptible assets as the number of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) grows exponentially. The efficiency of compensating controls, as well as their ability to identify and/or prevent exploits connected with disclosed vulnerabilities, are not taken into account by current vulnerability management platforms. They rely on uncontextualized vulnerabilities and data, which leads to erroneous prioritization and wasted effort trying to release patches that don't always solve the problem.

To mimic a full-scale attack, a corporation must return to the reconnaissance stage and identify all of the company's weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The Cymulates platform maps these, identifies flaws and compiles all of the organization's early intelligence data. Through these detected susceptible assets, ASM and VPT improve Vulnerability Management programs immediately and combine with the VM platform to prioritize the revealed vulnerabilities contextually. Cymulate reduces the overwhelming vulnerability scan findings to an actionable, prioritized list by displaying in real-time which exploits can or cannot defeat cyber security mechanisms.

“Our customers were facing an ongoing challenge of patching vulnerable assets,” said Avihai Ben-Yossef, Cofounder and CTO of Cymulate. “We looked at the possibility of acquiring a company that collects attack surface data for contextualizing the vulnerabilities presented by Cymulate, but after much research, we saw that existing ASM solutions do not offer organizations the full coverage they need to optimally produce a contextualized vulnerabilities prioritizing list. We are proud to have developed a solution in-house that meets the needs of our customers.”

"Security challenges have greatly intensified this past year, creating more daily problems for security teams to handle and stay on top of, however many lack the resources to deal with them," said Eyal Wachsman, CEO and Co-Founder of Cymulate. "Controlling the risk of vulnerability patching in line with the enterprises security posture makes the difference between businesses losing a few minutes or hours of downtime versus days or months. Equally, enabling the visibility of higher risk penetration vectors, where attackers are most likely to start their campaigns from, is just as critical. With these additional capabilities, more customers find Cymulate solving multiple use cases as a holistic security posture validation platform."

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