Cybernights and CompTIA Have Partnered to Improve Cybersecurity

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, December 10, 2020

Cybernights and CompTIA collaborated to increase the knowledge, skills, and awareness of tech employees.

FREMONT, CA: Cybernights, a product of Raffori Corporation, is a portal for cyber doctors, employers, academia, and training providers. It also promotes and allows cybersecurity talent assessment, development, and retention. Cyber Nights and CompTIA are working together to increase the knowledge, skills, and awareness of tech employees.

In a sustainable effort to increase the U.S. cybersecurity workforce, the CyberKnights portal controls the National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) framework in important ways. For example, talent can be evaluated against the NICE Knowledge, Skills, Abilities (KSAs), and later matched with employers, academia, and CompTIA.

"Our partnership with CompTIA will help solve the significant skills gap of 500,000+ open cybersecurity positions in the U.S. today. CyberKnights provides an individual the ability to identify their existing skills in accordance with the NICE framework, as well as the certifications they will need to be successful. CompTIA offers highly desirable certifications that CyberKnights recommends for skills gapping and skills progression, enabling individuals and employers to increase their KSAs and cybersecurity resources. This partnership aims to reinforce our country's cybersecurity defense posture, by advancing the knowledge base of the cybersecurity workforce, and by encouraging employers to close their skills gaps." Will Dantzler, Co-Founder of Rofori Corporation and creator of the CyberKnights initiative.

"More organizations are using the NICE framework to guide their cybersecurity hiring, so it's important for individual cyber workers to understand where they fit in with their credentials and experience," said Joe Padin, CompTIA vice president for business development. "Linking CompTIA certifications to CyberKnights' career mapping tools will allow cyber pros to make informed decisions when they evaluate their options for new education, training, and certifications."

Rofori Corporation is a Veteran owned organization located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company excels in developing cloud platforms so that it can address the increased difficulties of operationalizing and executing standards and legislative compliance. They also offer advanced cloud solutions for evaluating cybersecurity risk, leveraging standards, and best practices that are adopted in the National Institute of Standards and Technology frameworks.

Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is a prominent non-profit association for the worldwide technology industry and an important provider of vendor-neutral professional certifications for tech workers.