Cyber Risk Aware and Blue Cube Security Partner to Fight Cybercrime

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, November 30, 2020

Cyber Risk Aware joined forces with Blue Cube Security to fight against the growing cyber threat to businesses and organizations in the UK.

FREMONT, CA: Cyber Risk Aware is the only organization in the world to provide a real-time cybersecurity awareness training platform with the help of online training, human cyber risk assessment, and phishing simulation solutions. The company is excited to announce a new collaboration with one of the UK's largest cybersecurity solutions providers, Blue Cube Security.

Both companies have partnered on a mission to fight against the growing cyber threat to businesses and organizations in the UK. In the last few years, 98 percent of security professionals in the UK have stated that there is an increase in cyber-attacks, and 96 percent revealed more sophisticated processes are being utilized in these attacks. It has become essential that businesses of every size try to invest more in cybersecurity to protect their networks and avoid a potentially severe attack. Most of the time, investing in innovative technical defenses against cyber threats comes with a high price tag and without the desired result. In some situations, many businesses do not even have sufficient funds or resources for proper cybersecurity. But only technical defenses alone cannot stop events from happening. Almost 80 percent of cyber incidents are caused due to human error, and 44 percent of employee mistakes occur because of a lack of awareness of human cybersecurity principles. It is necessary to tackle user behavior and educate the employees about cybercrimes. The new partnership of Cyber Risk Aware and Blue Cube Security will bring a high-value and low-cost approach to cybersecurity through the new Cynergy Educate service offered by Blue Cube Security.

"Cyber Risk Aware meets the identified needs of our customers, they are flexible in their approach and like us believe that relationships have a higher value than revenue," said Robert Marsh, Director of Professional Services at Blue Cube Security. "Our Cyber Security Awareness platform Cynergy Educate combines the power of Cyber Risk Aware platform with Blue Cube Security's deep Cyber Intelligence, resulting in a win for customers and the development of human firewalls within their organization."

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