Cyber Attacks to Watch out for in 2019

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 30, 2018

Cybersecurity witnessed a rapid multiplication of high-profile breaches and phishing attacks and in 2019 there may be the more of same.  The companies must secure their privileged accounts, eliminate excessive user privileges, prioritize patching the vulnerabilities with known exploits, and ensure secure remote access to critical systems according to a report by BeyondTrust, a company that develops privileged identity management and vulnerability management products.

1. AI attacks will increase

AI can analyze available options to exploit and develop strategies that may lead to successful attacks. The year 2019 will see a large number of such attacks. AI takes this ability even further by gathering information from successful hacks and using it to plan and plot new attacks by identifying the pattern of available exploits. Enterprises would find it tough to defend against AI attacks.

2) Privileged attacks will continue

Privileged attack vectors remain the top cause of breach for business and consumer data. Organizations must brace for such privileged attacks because more high profile breaches are likely to occur in the coming year.

3) Established vulnerabilities will dominate cyber attack reports

Hackers will continue to use the tried and tested strategies and weaknesses to hack into an organization. Organizations continue to ignore lower security vulnerabilities and focus on mostly academic high-security vulnerabilities. This leaves little loopholes and makes the organization's system vulnerable which can open pathways for further exploitation.

4) Supply chain risks will come to the forefront

Supply chain is the next in line for cyber attacks. Supply chain attacks will step up the corporate espionage game.

5) Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be targeted

Miscreants often target IoT devices due to the lack of security standards. IoT devices in the supply chain for vendors that consist of personal digital assistants will be the new targets for hackers and miscreants who penetrate insecure DevOps processes.

6) Industrial Control Systems (ICS) will be the focus

Cyber crimes on ICS/SCADA will increase in the next few years. The ransomware scenarios directly affecting critical national infrastructure will be the target of cybercriminals. The reason behind this cyber attack is the attractive financial gain and the ability to develop weapons in the evolving cyber-frontline. The operational technology teams need to recognize the need for increased security practices because they are critical for a business’s continuity.

7) Android becomes secure

Android will no longer be open and extensible. The only applications able to make calls and send SMS texts will be the default applications so that other apps can’t do the same to access user data. This change is going to release in the next release. Google is expected to continue this trend to fight malware and spyware by closing more of their OS.

8) The rise of information brokers

Information brokers will rise to provide better protection and controlled exposure of personal data. The brokers who provide granular sharing of data will gain momentum in the market. These brokers will provide limited individual data leakage with more control by individuals over their data.