Creating a Robust Wireless Network Security Policy

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, April 29, 2019

Creating a Robust Wireless Network Security PolicyModern enterprise network may include a wide range of wireless devices including computers, phones, IP cameras, and connected appliances. With more devices being connected malicious actors have better opportunities to disrupt business operations. Thus security becomes a growing concern on all enterprise networks whether wired or wireless. As wireless data travels over the air, it leads to particular concerns, and the right considerations in the planning make it as secure as possible. The best practices include

Device Monitoring: The wifi networks provision any user with a compatible device to connect to the interface which is both a blessing and a curse for enterprises. Basic network security features including data encryption and authentication systems can offer a decent wall against unknown devices connecting wirelessly. A network monitoring solution can keep track of all the devices on the network. They are equipped with discovering and observing every device causing issues. These tools also detect malware and other nefarious actors allowing firms to take proactive steps to remove the device from the network.

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WiFi Access: Enterprise may want to provide WiFi access for guests coming on to the campus. Protecting the business-critical information from guests by providing minimal functions is a smart idea to maintain. Authentication defines all of the people on the network and what level of access they have.  Access levels can vary from allowing users to have full access to a network or only to have access to one specific device. 

Encryption: Encryption takes network data and uses a key to make the data unreadable as it travels the network. The intruder in the network will not be able to make sense of the information. There are different levels of encryption including wired equivalent privacy, and wireless protected access.

Aftermaths of an industrial network breach comprise downtime, loss of production, environmental problems, and even damage to corporate image. Hence taking the time to consider options and make decisions that make the network as secure as possible becomes vital.

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