ColorTokens Unveils Global Partner Program

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, December 24, 2020

The ColorTokens Partner Program encourages first-time cloud security partners’ entry, guiding them to build expertise, scale revenue, and achieve success.

FREMONT, CA: ColorTokens, a leading innovator in Zero Trust-based cybersecurity solutions, announced its ColorTokens Partner Program and Partner Portal, offering manufacturers, resellers, and other technology service providers with the tools they need to get started on the enterprise information security market.

The ColorTokens Partner Program encourages first-time cloud security partners’ entry, guiding them to build expertise, scale revenue, and achieve success. Partners receive help with proven business and go-to-market strategies. Additionally, they also get assisted with a well-trained sales team qualified to build and execute ColorTokens cloud-based Zero Confidence protection solutions, priority sales, lead routing, market planning assistance, market growth funds, and more.

“Digital transformation is prevalent in every sector of our economy today. Companies are increasingly looking for ways to consume infrastructure and services, software, and hardware to deliver value to their end customers,” said Rajesh Khazanchi, EVP and Co-Founder, ColorTokens. “Security is a key concern in this dynamic environment.”

Inside the ColorTokens Partner Program

Three categories (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) refer to each partner’s level of enablement and assistance, business and competency criteria, and economic benefits, such as registration systems and market growth strategies, preparation, and financing. Besides, partners can utilize the Partner Platform’s learning pathways to meet their training needs at various levels in a coordinated manner.

“Our engagement with ColorTokens has been fantastic over the short time we have been working together, and we have built great peer relationships across our two businesses,” said Rob OConnor, Chief Technology Officer, Armadillos. “Were really excited at the prospect of using the partner portal as we have found in the past that it is vital to have a single repository to help enable both our sales and technical teams on ColorTokens and provide the right solutions and value to our joint customers.”

The ColorTokens Partner Portal is a novel one-stop destination that brings together manufacturers, resellers, and system integrators worldwide. The partner portal provides various benefits to its partners, including:

Comprehensive Training Resources:ColorTokens specialists extend their expertise to enable partners to solve crucial customer problems.

Robust Sales Support: Sales support provides easy access to different marketing and sales assets, business growth funds and strategies, and other on-the-field interaction activities.

Deal Registration: Partners can apply and track opportunities, register for upcoming webinars, and track transactions across the system.

Executive Sponsorship: Partners are assisted by dedicated channel account managers and executive contact points, underlining their willingness to help the channel concentrate on their development and consumer success.

“The new partner portal is another great partner-focused initiative taken by ColorTokens to support its resellers in winning new business in the Extended Zero Trust marketplace,” said Michael Ohara, Group Managing Director, Data Solutions. This portal, combined with the recently announced program of channel partner incentives, makes ColorTokens a very compelling vendor for any partner looking to grow their business this year!”

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