Coalfire Releases Cloud Security Report for Better Cloud Migrations

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, July 20, 2020

Coalfire’s new report is filled with practical advice and guides on how to ace cloud migration while ensuring security.

FREMONT, CA: Cybersecurity service provider Coalfire has released its latest research report- The Smartest Path to Your Secure Cloud. The report consists of crucial collective information and insights, market reports, and guides to increase the security of cloud deployments. Many vital aspects, like common mistakes, have been addressed in the report. Apart from that, it also offers practical and professional advice for people involves in enterprise cloud strategy and planning, as well as operations.

The planning guide provided in the research report is drawn up with insights from members of Coalfire’s Cloud Board, cybersecurity experts, their actual experiences, and data derived from cloud deployments and operations in enterprises. Every digital transformation journey has vital lessons to understand cybersecurity better.
"Many organizations rush into digital transformation without aligning on strategic outcomes or taking the proper steps to plan. Using cloud as a strategic enabler of digital transformation and applying a roadmap for creating a secure cloud in the enterprise means avoiding blind spots and unnecessary missteps," said Gregg Martin, VP, Solutions Engineering.

The research report aims to equip cybersecurity professionals with information to help them enhance privacy and integrate critical cloud deployment strategies. Leveraging the report, one can come to terms with the methods one must adopt while making a cloud-backed digital transformation. Not only can these initiatives make the deployment strategies better, but they might also help with a lot of cost savings.

The report is divided into sections that include strategy, planning, adoption, and operations. Each section is highly detailed and documents many aspects that can come in handy when an enterprise decides to migrate to the cloud. "The unprecedented shift to the cloud has forced companies to make complex decisions about digital transformation in this new era. We developed this research with the hope of advancing the cybersecurity community by building strong cloud security leaders and ensuring best practices are instilled in the cloud," said Mark Carney, EVP Cybersecurity Services.

Coalfire is a reputed service provider that delivers expertise to make cybersecurity attainable for private as well as public sector organizations. The testing and assessment capabilities it offers are tailored to perfection for each of their clients.

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