CloudPassage Initiates Cloud Secure, An Automated CSPM Solution

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

cloud securityCloudPassage, the leader in automated cloud security has announced strengthened capabilities in its Halo security automation platform. CloudPassage Halo is the most the most comprehensive public cloud infrastructure security solution available in the market which provides visibility and configuration best practices for applications running in Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Secure— an automated Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution and part of the CloudPassage Halo platform—delivers visibility, protection and continuous compliance monitoring for compute, storage, database, networking and identity services. It also provides a comprehensive, integrated view of Infrastructure-as-a-Service environments and resources from a single interface, unlike point solutions which give an incomplete and disjointed picture of public cloud services.

Ryan Thomas, head of product at CloudPassage added to it that the consumption of public cloud infrastructure services are on the rise and it poses a challenge to the security teams to struggle to maintain an up-to-date inventory of cloud assets in use across multiple environments throughout the enterprise.

CloudPassage offers unprecedented insights with its single solution, single pane of glass visibility for providers unlike other tools identifying vulnerabilities in data hosted by a single provider. The Halo platform aids with actionable information about critical risk point that other tools miss with its outside-in and inside-out security visibility of both the control plane and compute plane.

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The variety of benefits provided by the Halo platform include

• Reducing the attackable surface area of public cloud deployments by identifying resource and service configuration and remediating them.

• Enables companies to discover as well as inventory resources and services in use across any number of public cloud accounts in use in the company to improve management of cyber risk.

• Facilitating quick and efficient remediation in an automated way through alerting vulnerability through notification mechanisms.

CloudPassage, founded in 2010 is a forerunner of security awarded the first-ever patents for universal cloud infrastructure security and is a significant innovator in cloud asset visibility. 

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