Cloudera and San Mateo Merge to Take Big Data Analysis to the Next Level

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The acquiring of San Mateo by Cloudera will enhance customer experience and improve analytics response inside the Cloudera Data Warehouse.

FREMONT, CA: Cloudera, a computer software enterprise, has recently confirmed its acquirement of San Mateo, the provider of cloud big data analytics Arcadia Data based in California. Besides, patent-pending ArcEngine technology of Arcardia will allow Cloudera's clients to have insights in use cases such as cybersecurity, data lakes, and IoT and customer intelligence. The alliance will lead to improved self-service access to data as well as enhanced analytics response time within the data warehouse of Cloudera.

Cloudera offers company data cloud for any kind of data, anywhere, from edge to artificial intelligence. The company empowers folks to revolutionize complex data into straightforward and actionable insights. With the support of the open-source community's relentless innovation, the company has fastened the digital transformation for large organizations.

The ArcEngine technology of Arcadia makes use of machine learning for anticipation and pre-computing general questions and reports. It has benefitted the enterprises in terms of speedier self-serving reporting. The flagship tool of the company, Arcadia Enterprise, is mainly built to evaluate significant data volumes without any requirement to move it for filling the gap between self-service BI and upgraded analytics for evolving use cases.

Since both the technologies have many joint clients, the integration of technology of Arcardia Data into the platform of Cloudera will help the enterprises to work in a more convenient way, while also receiving the insights required for driving smart organizational decisions. The joint expertise of the technologies will enable the customers to enjoy the privileges, and foster improved innovation for end-users, which can act on data insights immediately.

The entire Arcadia Data organization is expected to merge with Cloudera. The clients of Arcadia can still make use of technology in its existing form. 

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