Cloud security: Emotion of Data Storage

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, February 14, 2019

Cloud-native data, which is transferred from IoT devices, holds maximum significance. According to the user’s usage pattern, photos to songs to contacts, documents, social media data and so on are collected and synced in with cloud each day. The algorithms and software languages, which process personally as well as business information, are internally running the data.

An industry source states that during the data transport from and to IoT devices, there is a high probability for the data breach that may cost $6 billion every year. For businesses that use IoT devices, the information stored has the top priority in the cloud because data is vital.

The selection of weak passwords, sharing of personal information with any unauthorized third party, viruses due to unsecured online applications, agreeing to any terms and conditions of apps posing as fraud online, non-recovery of data online due to stolen or losing an IoT device, mobile is the common factors in data loss. Due to the aforementioned reasons businesses and consumers can have doubts about storing data.

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The artificial intelligence adapts the learning process of human behavior, tracks the details online from shopping bills, more time spent on any particular app, and than the required amount online, with such activities, the cloud can learn to store and collect the essential data of a user.

The AI in cloud technology can boost up its features shaping it one of the best platforms in collecting data and information online as it is the core part. It is to be done with the proper implementation of USB (User Behavior Analytics) which identifies the big and small problems safeguarding the data information. To transform Cloud as humanoid data collector with AI or machine data storage platform is a debate till date.

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