Cloud Computing: The Optimal Technology for Business

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, January 24, 2019

Cloud computing has become highly popular with businesses as it offers considerable savings with high security, capacity and a host of managed services. It has changed the way of doing IT functions in businesses. Also, allows organizations to access the same applications over the internet from any location in the world. Businesses are shifting all their data and applications to cloud computing environments and getting various benefits. Following are some of the advantages that businesses are leveraging from cloud technology:

Increases collaboration: Business organizations have their teams across the world. Moving to the cloud makes it easier for them to access all resources from different locations. Cloud-provided file sharing applications and workflow help the teams to make changes in real-time with full visibility.

Ability to access from anywhere: The technology platform allows employees of organizations to login and work from any location in the world. This supports businesses to provide their employees with better facilities without compromising on productivity.

Enhances data security: The locally stored data on the systems cannot be retrieved when the device crashes. Also, when the device is lost it’s a cumbersome task to gather the lost data. But cloud environment provides better security irrespective of what happens to the devices as data is saved in the cloud only.

Flexibility: The technology is ideal for companies with fluctuating bandwidth and is growing. It aids the companies’ need of scaling up or down their operations.

Better document control: Employees work on the same file and communicate through email and the file goes back and forth several times. This result ends up in a conflicting mess with the content. But if the file is moved to the cloud, it will be stored centrally and everyone can see only one copy of it. This improves visibility and collaboration within the chain of their work.  

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Greater integration: Cloud promotes freedom to choose and easy integration with different providers to the businesses. Small businesses can be benefitted by several specialized services that can be integrated with back-office operations.

Cloud computing enables enterprises to deploy, scale and change services more reliably. The infrastructures used for the platform should be complemented with proper security and backup solutions to keep data safe.

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