Claroty Announces a Modified Version of its Continuous Threat Detection Technology

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, August 02, 2019

Leading industrial cyber security provider Claroty has introduced a modified version of their Continuous Threat Detection Technology.

FREMONT, CA: Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) is an award-winning operational technology (OT) security solution by Claroty, a New York-headquartered leading provider of industrial cyber security.

Recently, Claroty has announced multiple enhancements to the CTD. Now, the latest CTD empowers companies to invent and assess their IoT devices, thereby providing consumers with enhanced visibility into its networks. Further, it considerably reduces deployment time, besides eliminating the need to send non-critical alerts.

This new OT-IoT visibility and safety assessment solution functions by combining behavioral analytics, threat intelligence, and machine learning for contextualizing and enriching alerts for large-scale industrial enterprises.

The announcement by Claroty comes at a time when enterprises across the globe are slowly increasing their utilization of IoT devices for driving digital transformation and enhancing operational efficiency.

As per research by Gartner, over 65 percent of companies are expected to adopt IoT products by 2020. 

Moreover, the enterprise has established a connection with the IIC, the Industrial Internet Consortium. IIC is the global leader focused on transforming businesses by enhancing the adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). As a member of the consortium, Claroty will be able to help in an organization’s effort to enable a common security framework, besides a rigorous methodology for assessing safety across several industrial systems.

The solution automatically identifies IoT devices available on the network besides classifying every device based on both behavioral and static attributes. Going forward, the CTD identifies possible vulnerabilities and constantly monitors for the possibility of any policy violations and threats.

The other enhancements to the CTD include the following: Use of Claroty Threat Intelligence, Virtual Zones, Root Cause Analytics, Machine Learning Alert Algorithm and an Expanded Technical Ecosystem.

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