CIS Mobiles Integration Center to Help Secure Mobile Use in Govt Facilities

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Summary: The CIS Mobile Integration Center (CMIC) is a platform that enables secure and protected smartphone use in and around government buildings.

Fremont, CA

“The use of smartphones has largely been banned in government facilities to prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data, but unfortunately, this approach denies users the broad productivity and communication benefits of these devices,” says Bill Anderson, President, CIS Mobile. The CIS Mobile Integration Center (CMIC) has been launched by CIS Mobile, a facility dedicated to integrating, demonstrating, testing, and discovering solutions to mobile security threats in and around secure government buildings and places.

“Our company is leading a collaborative effort of specialized mobile devices and supporting wireless technologies to enable the secure use of smartphones in and around government facilities. Through our new Integration Center, CIS and our partners will be able to trial and present new technologies and solutions for our government customers.” adds Anderson.

The CMIC, which is housed at CIS Mobile's headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia, showcases a system that enables management, monitoring, and controlled use of authorized mobile devices by staff and visitors in secure government facilities using CIS Mobile's altOS Secure Mobility Platform and technologies from Bastille Networks, Fenix Group, Getac, Glacier Security, Sonim Technologies, and Syniverse Global.

An innovative solution built for a big government intelligence customer is one of the center's highlights. The solution combines CIS Mobile and its partners' technology to allow smartphone use both inside and outside of critical sites. On access to the premises, altOS phones are put into a geofenced Secure Mode, which disables cameras, microphones, cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth functions. The phones regain their restricted features after they leave the geofence.

Visitors to the CMIC will be exposed to adversarial simulations and real-life case studies in order to better understand the dangers and vulnerabilities that their mobile devices and facilities face. Visitors will obtain a thorough grasp of those threats and vulnerabilities thanks to CIS Mobile's years of experience in removing risks and awareness of evolving attacks. They'll then think out new ways to set the platform to keep those dangers at bay.

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