Choosing the Right AI-based Security Systems

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, January 31, 2019

Artificial Intelligence,According to the P&S Market research, in the cybersecurity marketplace, Artificial Intelligence is expected to grow to $18.2 billion by 2023. Though AI is at its nascent stage, many innovations help organizations to face several obstacles at ease. In a survey sponsored by ProtectWise, AI has a strong foothold in 73 percent of respondents who have been benefited using its security solutions. Several companies today use AI solutions to strengthen their security.

In order to provide a solution for the security problems of organizations, AI has taken several forms to solve them. As a result, entrepreneurs fail to understand which AI application suits their security needs. Before choosing the right AI, an entrepreneur can be a bit reluctant in knowing answers for some questions.

The question is to know what sort of security problem the companies ought to face daily. By understanding the type of problem, identifying the solution for it becomes easier. Problems like detection of spam, intrusion, malware, and natural language-based threat, requires different sets of AI tools. Based on the type of problem, the companies proceed to any one of the four basic machine learning methods—supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised, and reinforcement learning.

The next question is to know which language suits the company’s platform. AI has zillions of tools applicable in different platforms. Identifying and understanding whether the tool suits the company’s existing platform will help in increasing security. Big data analysis is the trend being leveraged and implemented at every developing company. They need to choose the AI tool that helps in using the graphical and command-line interface.

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Algorithms also play a vital role here. Comprising questions related to the algorithm is important. Analyzing whether the data provides the right values helps in minimizing low-quality delivery. Businesses need to know how to train, test, and evaluate AI security systems. Selecting a location for AI deployment also plays an important role in security. According to the common fact, the particular AI tool that suits well for a company may not have the same positive impact on the other one, and thus, it is important for businesses to analyze well before they deploy any AI solution to prevent unnecessary losses.

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