Check Point has Announced Innovative Record-Breaking Security Gateways

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, August 05, 2019

Check PointGil Shwed, Founder and CEO

Check Point Software Technologies Inc., (NASDAQ:CHKP), a cyber security solutions provider, has announced the launch of two innovative high-end appliances that are specific to data centres and Telco environments.

FREMONT, CA: Leading cyber security solutions provider Check Point Software Technologies Inc., has been catering to corporate enterprises and governments from across the globe. The Check Point software solutions are used to safeguard its consumers from different types of cyber threats and it is a proven method of capturing ransomware, malware besides other forms of cyber attacks.

Check Point Software has recently announced three novel security gateway appliance models: 16000 Plus, 16000 Base and the record-crossing 26000 Turbo are extensions of the new gateway appliances series at Check Point Software which are 26000 and 16000. These were made available in June, for enabling a complete range of high-end appliances having about 64 networking interface and 16 100 or 40 GbE.

The newly introduced security gateway appliances come with several features. 

The 26000 Turbo is a top performing 3U Check Point appliance having 30 Gbps Gen V threat avoidance and 316 Gbps firewall throughput along with a redundant storage and power supply configuration. 16000 base is an application that is bestowed with the capacity to tailor networks, power supply configurations, and storage.

Both the security gateways (26000 and 16000) are capable of incorporating the award-winning SandBlast Zero-day protection and the ThreatCloud by Check Point. 

Both 16000 Base and Plus, along with the 26000 Turbo are available through orders immediately and the shipping is expected to start from September 2019. The 16000 Turbo and 26000 Base, besides the Plus Appliances are currently available in the market as of 2019 June.

“We believe focusing on prevention, sharing real-time attack information and consolidation of the security infrastructure can stop the next attack”, says Gil Shwed, Founder and CEO, Check Point. Check Point Software Technologies Inc., was featured by the Enterprise Security Magazine as one of the top 10 end-point security solution providers 2017.  

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