Can VPN Help in Safe Internet Surfing?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Virtual Private Network is a trending cyber-security tool that assures to protect personal data while offering complete web access. To aptly secure their internet activities, users must carefully choose the VPN.

FREMONT, CA: With interconnectivity is sweeping the world, it has become increasingly challenging to defy the privacy and security issues that come along. Out of the many tools, users would find it convenient to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for protecting their digital space. A VPN encrypts the connection between one's device and several websites, protecting the person from hackers and cyber-criminals. Not just this, a VPN also allows users to visit geo-blocked websites and enhance network scalability.

The users have access to a wide number of options while choosing their VPN. However, they must keep in mind certain factors before they select their VPN.

Top 10 Multifactor Authentication Solution Companies - 2020No-log Feature

As the main motive is to not expose the personal data, a VPN with a no-log feature is a mandate. These do not collect and save personal data, and hence the internet footprints remain private.

No IP address leakage

It will be an absolute waste of time if the VPN unveils the IP address. So before using a VPN, one must go through the reviews of the customers regarding any lamentable experiences.

Multilayer authentication process

As security and privacy are the priorities, the VPN must ensure a strong multilayer authentication process. A VPN that obligates its users to enter a password, security question or code, proves to offer better privacy.

Automatic kill switch

When a VPN does not work efficiently, there might be a weakening of the internet access to the user's actual connection. This brings in a probability that the user's identity may be exposed to any other site. In this case, a VPN kill switch shuts down the preselected applications when the connection is unstable.

Considering all these factors and carefully watching the terms of services, users should make an informed choice about the VPN. It is wise to go for a trusted VPN service provider, after going through the reviews, to ensure that they will be capable of meeting the requirements. Once the user is done with selecting the right VPN, it does not take much of an effort to install and setting it up. Most of the VPNs have an easy tutorial. The user must also keep in mind to secure their online activities before setting up the VPN and select the applications or programs that can be shut down whenever there is connection instability through kill switch settings.

As we keep surfing the internet, let us take up the measure to prevent undesirable prying and stay digitally safe.

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