Can AI Help in Developing Enterprise Security?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, October 29, 2019

AI in Enterprise SecurityIn the digitally driven world, there are endless numbers of solutions made available for addressing every type of threat.

FREMONT, CA: The enterprises are welcoming more devices to the corporate network but are facing a cybersecurity challenge attack as constant threats are getting widespread. The panorama of data breaches, loss of essential data, or network crashes forces the enterprises to try out security measures. Nevertheless, they also force them to create cybersecurity strategies to guard the digital assets and level up with hackers and cybercriminals.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a technology that is now primarily leveraged by enterprises as they realize that cyber threats have been a lot to manage without advanced technology. AI is helping them in monitoring networks, managing risks, detecting threats, and recognizing fraud. Furthermore, the marketplace for AI in enterprise security has been speculated to have more than $35 billion in the next five years. Real-time threat detection, malware detection, and software-vulnerability detection are the three major areas that have shown promising results in enterprise security.

Threat Detection:

The ability of AI to handle massive amounts of data in seconds has helped the enterprises to defend themselves from any potential cyber-attacks or threats. By identifying anomalies in behavior patterns of people, data, applications, or devices, enterprises are eliminating the attacks even before they begin to act. AI can also collect information and analyze it for historical references and further detect different patterns that might bring future potential invasions. Essentially, the system turns out to be smarter after a while, which then enhances its value.

Malware Recognition:

Malware is conciliating network security and crushing computer resources with the installation of scraping data. By evaluation data and identifying events that are not considered normal, AI allows the enterprises to distinguish as well as stop malware instantly by shutting down the unusual activities from any unrecognized apps. Additionally, AI can learn from previous malware codes to identify new or advanced versions of malware and protect the organizations even though the cyber threats keep developing.

Software Liability Detection:

Most companies are taking up practices to deliver applications and services, giving them multiple benefits over other competitors. The probability of errors in code goes up, leading to vulnerabilities in the software when sharing and releasing of information becomes faster. Nevertheless, making sure that the system is error-free can be done quickly by AI over any rational approach.

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