Bitdefender Gravityzone's Advanced Endpoint Risk Analytics to Help Reduce Attack Surface

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, July 25, 2019

Bitdefender combines risk analytics with advanced prevention and endpoint detection and response (EDR) with its single-agent single-console endpoint protection solution. This solution will protect systems from breach by reducing the attack surface.

Fremont, CA: Bitdefender, a cybersecurity company, is adding security risk analytics and hardening to its GravityZone endpoint security solution. Through this upgrade, Bitdefender aims at helping organizations to reduce endpoint attack surface and also safeguard systems from potential threat, by regularly discovering risks from endpoint software misconfigurations and rectifying them.

The complexity of the diverse endpoint environment often lead to misconfigurations that can disrupt services and expose vulnerabilities. This can ultimately result in compromise. Incorporating endpoint risk management into the solution enables security teams to reduce the attack surface through continuous endpoint configuration monitoring and management.

Bitdefender GravityZone is known to provide a coordinated, adaptive endpoint defense devised for IT security teams, who are trying to maximize automation and productivity. GravityZone offers the most effective endpoint prevention stack, with over 30 advanced layers, and the largest threat intelligence footprint, which is driven by over 500 million sensors globally. A full-featured, low-overhead EDR layer in the same single-agent single-console solution helps firms with minimum security analysis resources to receive alerts with just one click, thereby reducing fatigue and dwell time.

GravityZone offers complete visibility into an organization's security posture and its potential threats. Without the need of any dedicated servers and IT staff, this endpoint security solution is able to centralize all security functions into one console. It can be deployed on the organization's premises or even be hosted by Bitdefender in cloud.

Over the years, GravityZone has been constantly updated to use the best of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This has enabled the security solution to combat any type of threat landscape.

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