Beacon AI Tackles COVID-19 Induced Data Threats by Launching Ethical Hacking Service

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, April 22, 2020

As the percentage of remote workforce increases, more and more companies' security measures take a backseat. Beacon AI launches Ethical Hacking Service to tackle the issue of Data Loss in Organizations

Fremont, CA: Beacon AI releases a new service in Digital Forensics and Ethical Hacking for IP Protection and document tracing. This service focuses specifically on the increased risks of remote working for enterprises that contain sensitive information and IP to protect during the COVID-19 crisis. Now, it is more than essential to take steps to secure and protect company data, and user IP as the option of remote working makes the company vulnerable to data theft and espionage. 

Beacon AI is a privacy AI company based in Cork; it has developed cutting edge AI technology solutions for the global privacy industry. Company data is particularly vulnerable during the crisis caused by coronavirus as majority organizations have been suddenly forced to work remotely at a breakneck speed. Most of the organizations are catching up now with the various measures that can be implemented to protect their data assets in this new environment. 

Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Companies - 2019Brian McElligott, Intellectual Property Partner at Mason, Hayes & Curran, says, "It is now widely recognized that IP is vital to the success and scalability of businesses. A recent European Patents Office/European Intellectual Property Office report on 'High-Growth Firms and IPR' demonstrated that business investment frequently stems from investment in innovation and intellectual assets, and their growth typically involves international development. Identifying and securing that IP is the critical step in protecting and exploiting these highly valuable business assets."

The ramifications of remote working need to reconsidered by the managers as most employees are installed and are productive from their own homes. Compliance guidelines and security protocols have taken a back seat in the last few weeks and now more than ever, many organizations are wide open with their database, IP and trade secrets being stolen along with corporate espionage. 

Beacon AI CEO Niamh Parker elucidates how the Ethical Hacking Service works "Using our existing technology, we scan the environment for vulnerabilities by penetration testing and to carry out data audit's on confidential information. We can audit confidential databases and trade secret documents to determine if files have been shared, deleted, or modified."

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