BackupAssist Avails BackupAssist ER Cloud Backup for Windows Servers

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, August 31, 2020

BackupAssist ER helps SMEs adequately prepare for disaster scenarios by providing unattended resilience.

FREMONT, CA: BackupAssist, a provider of automated backup and recovery software for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), trumpets the general availability (GA) launch of BackupAssist ER– fully automated, disk to disk to cloud backup for Windows Servers. With the ever-present challenges of hacking and ransomware, the ability to rapidly recover from an attack is a vital capability that all SMEs must-have. The new software offers Express Recovery options that allow its users to achieve fast, predictable recoveries of data and systems, and to perform recoveries both locally and in the cloud. With an SME-friendly price point, BackupAssist ER offers a compelling alternative to the far more expensive disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) option.

By always having a local onsite copy and an offsite cloud copy of backup data, businesses can survive and recover from cyber events, with resilience against the destruction of on-premise infrastructure. BackupAssist ER provides the balance of cyber-resilience and affordability that many SMEs need. It's easy to be resilient if firms have an unlimited budget, but in the real world, they have to pick their priorities. BackupAssist ER provides automatic geo-redundancy of backup data and CryptoSafeGuard features to shield the backups from ransomware. Engineering choices like enabling users to choose inexpensive cloud storage or even back up to their own private storage keep costs low. Overall, BackupAssist ER meets the needs of a lot of SMEs at a fraction of the cost of many DRaaS solutions – and without the vendor lock-in.

BackupAssist ER installs on Windows Servers, to perform disk to disk to cloud backups, and is a bare-metal capable across both. It provides three disaster recovery/business continuity methods, including virtual machine (VM) Instant Boot, Bare Metal Recovery (BMR), and Download Cloud Backup to Anywhere. It also includes three data recovery methods.

BackupAssist ER features Ransomware Protection (CryptoSafeGuard prevents unauthorized modification of backups, scans and prevents ransomware), Local Backup ( supported destinations include locally mapped disk and network share),  Cloud Backup, Recovery,  VM Instant Boot and Supported Platforms.

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