Aviation Industry Tightens its Security to Enhance Passenger Safety

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Aviation IndustryAs the security of airports evolves, round-the-world companies have also settled on the design and implementation of the latest technologies that can help improve efficiency in time.

FREMONT, CA: Sure, the aviation industry takes airport security and public safety very seriously, but it also stretches the waiting time and causes travelers discomfort. A transition in the way of working at the airport has taken place with the development of technology. This aims to make the travelers ' journey quicker and smoother.

Here are a few approaches that can enable airports to improve their security measures and provide a seamless experience.

Body Scanners:

The walk-through passenger scanner, which can identify the materials hidden under clothes and can serve as a threat, is one of the security measures that can be adopted by the airport authorities. The technology can develop the security system and enhance the entire passenger security process as well. The authorities can scam the traveler's body heat with the aid of the scanner, and the potential threat can be detected by machine learning, without even disturbing the passenger.

Biometric Passports:

physical security

Recently, biometric passports or e-passports are considered one of the significant advances in the security of airports on a large scale and have started to roll out across several countries. E-passport holds a chip that can be automatically checked at the airport in machines, and the lengthy procedures can be through at once. The new passports will eliminate the possibility of human errors in the process, improve the safety of the airport, and also make it safer.

Facial Recognition:

The new technology for facial recognition scans the face of the e-passport machine to determine if the person on his / her passport is the same as the photo. However, the process is still in its infancy, but the technology uses cameras to check the identity of the person for facial recognition throughout the airport. Once the traveler's identity is authenticated, the security check is passed automatically.

Leveraging Terahertz Screening:

Terahertz screening is another essential tech that can change the entire airport industry. It detects any unexpected heat release from the body of the passenger and photographs the hidden object. There have been speculations about how safe it is for the human body due to the radiation. Fortunately, the air was cleared as no dangerous artificial lighting was used by the machine to affect people.

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