Are MSSPs Secure and Cost-Effective?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The growing challenge for companies is to work with a managed security service provider (MSSP) to allow their security departments to prevent their sensitive assets and data.

FREMONT, CA: Executives are stressed due to the possibility of a hack, enforcement, collapsing technology budgets, and unsuccessful understanding of what managing information security looks like. A few benefits are provided by association with an MSSP, which are superior protection, cost savings, focus on business, security experts, and advanced technology. 

Superior Protection:

Most of the solutions that the companies use have integration problems creating costly, ineffective data silos that nearly bring additional threats to security. MSSPs provide integrated technology solutions that include best-of-breed technology, designed for businesses of every shape and size. Besides, MSSPs can spread the fixed cost of their investment in technology throughout a large customer base, ultimately passing the savings on to the customer.

Cost Savings:

Construction, as well as maintenance of new cybersecurity systems, is expensive, and the devices require specialized hardware or equipment to run, which is often included in an annual cost of licensing. MSSPs helps organizations to replace substantial, regular capital spending attached to investing in new cybersecurity technologies and abilities with stable, ongoing operating expenses. Additionally, MSSPs can offer the personnel and other security expertise by sharing the costs to a large client base and delivering a managed service, so only a single client does not bear the costs entirely.

Delegating Cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity requires supporting the mission of an organization to reduce, prevent threats, and pass risks on to leadership. Cybersecurity professionals often get wrapped up in the latest and largest tools, implementing security for the sake of safety and not helping the real business needs. Abilities such as big data analytics, site tracking, or threat anomaly detection can be distracting for a company, putting it under high-risk. Collaborating with an MSSP is one way for companies to cut down the complications associated with maintaining a cybersecurity system. Apart from that, it allows their executives to focus solely on core business requirements from the fear of staying behind.

Furthermore, MSSPs can use technology to assess controls, record gap analyses, scale system and organizational security posture, and red flag crucial vulnerabilities that are often used by urbane cybercriminals to attack a business.

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