Arctic Wolf Networks and RootSecure: A Collaboration Aimed at Enhanced Cybersecurity

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Over the years, cybersecurity has been a challenge and will not change in the coming years. Indeed, the threat of frauds that outsmart defense mechanisms of companies is supposed to erupt in order to maintain their privacy and security. Thus, companies such as Arctic Wolf Networks are offering SOCs-as-a-service to redefine the impacts of cybersecurity threats in businesses. Concierge Security™ engineers anchor AWN CyberSOC™ service that consists of 24/7 surveillance, custom alerting, investigation, and response incidents. The end-to-end service includes a proprietary SIEM based on cloud technology, threat intelligence subscriptions, and all of the expertise and tools needed.

As one of the best-in-class provider in the industry, Arctic Wolf Networks is keen to partner with other companies. The company recently announced the partnership with RootSecure. RootSecure, based in Canada and founded in 2017, quantifies cyber and data risk, arming IT and safety teams with a comprehensive and ongoing vulnerability assessment of networks, devices and people with real-time, feasible insights. This information is in the spirit of the $45 million Series C funding round recently announced for Arctic Wolf. It highlights the immediate plans of the company to leverage the new funds to speed up business growth and provide its large range of clients with expanded services, which have grown by 219 percent over a year.

“Pairing our continuous vulnerability scanning technology with Arctic Wolf’s SOC-as-a-service offering will enable customers to see a more holistic view of their security posture, in order to more quickly identify any cyber exposure gaps,”  says James Mignacca, CEO of RootSecure.

Arctic Wolf provides companies of all sizes with the opportunity to combat cyber safety deficiencies and the cost-effectiveness of building their own SOC. A recent cost study by Frost and Sullivan showed, in fact, that organizations with few, if any, dedicated info security personnel could spend almost ten times more on the building and operation of their own SOC over a three-year period than if they implemented a “SOC as a service,”  like the AWN CyberSOC of Arctic Wolf. The award-winning, smart, SOC-as-a-service installs in minutes and provides value from day one by combining the scalability and efficiency of AI with the world-class experience and intuition of their security engineers, leveraging key innovations, including  Concierge Security™ and hybrid AI.

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As both companies believe, this merger will be able to provide new and cutting-edge solutions to prevent the vulnerabilities and add comprehensive risk assessment of networks, devices, and people.

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