Anzu and CHEQ Collaborates to Bring the First Ever 3D Ad Verification Solution

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, July 12, 2019

Guy Tytunovich, Founder and CEO

The alliance made brings out long-term security and trust in-game advertising with a new verified advertising service.

FREMONT, CA: Anzu, a blended in-game advertising platform, and CHEQ, a military-grade cyber security company, has announced their partnership to put forward the first-ever ad-verification solution for the ad-free video game platform.

The tie-up will focus on bringing for the first time, the dynamic serving of a programmatic platform with ads integrated directly into the gameplay, enabling a viewable, brand safe and fraud-free atmosphere. The merger will provide brand access to premium games that have never displayed ads before.

In conjunction with Turner, a part of AT& T’s Warner Media Group, a test was conducted amongst the first tranche of advertisers piloting the serving of in-game ads to produce engaging brand experience and product placement for gamers.

Turner is a part of the media and advertisement sectors including HBO and Warner Bros, CNN, and the global hit Game of Thrones. The firm also owns ad platform AppNexus and ELEAGUE, its premium e-sport content and live tournament brand.

 By Combining of CHEQ’s end-to-end verification into Anzu’s blended in-game advertising platform, CHEQ offers a full suite of 3D viewable measurement, ad-fraud prevention, and brand safety. The technology offers real-time tracking and measurement of performance within 3D console space, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. This will allow targeting key audiences by providing 3D ad tracker technology that makes sure that the in-game ads served by Anzu are viewable.

“The collaboration between CHEQ, Anzu, and Turner will bring out the most innovative and an ever-changing video gaming platform, by providing advertisers to present a brand new way to track ads inside video games,” mentioned Pete Scott, VP of Emerging Media,Turner Sports New Media.

The new ad verification service is designed to reach a $148 billion global gaming market. The global gaming audience at present includes 2.4 billion people. The time spent by them for playing video games is estimated to be 50 million hours. Aiming this as a target, the big brand advertisers look to connect to broader audiences.

“CHEQ has developed the server to push boundaries of ad verifications by introducing the first ever-3D verification solution for PlayStation and Xbox. The resistance to the programmatic ads is observed previously, with the launching of the service look forward to the users to start experiencing fully, verified, seamless, in-game native advertising,” added Guy Tyunovich, CHEQ Founder, and CEO.

CHEQ is listed in Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider 2019 conducted by Enterprise Security Magazine. Outreaching its services, CHEQ looks forward to increasing the transparency of the digital ad ecosystem by enhancing the space so that the advertisers, publishers, and agencies can be more confident about their marketing practices. The company also provides tools to law enforcement officials.

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