AnonyFlow's Cloud Service Platform to Protect Personal Identifiable Information

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, October 16, 2020

With data threat risk mitigation becoming a hot topic in business, now is the time to improve cyber defenses using encryption as a service platform of AnonyFlow.

FREMONT, CA: Today, all a company's most vital information is stored digitally. Firms are no longer is keeping it safe as simple as locking a filing cabinet. Cyberattacks are an emerging danger for companies. The report says that, in 2020 alone, there have been nearly 16 billion records exposed, a worrying 273 percent rise compared with the starting of 2019.

As these attacks are growing in their sophistication, companies need to revamp their security to guard their data from cybercriminal activities. Staying ahead of the curve is important. The holy grail of cyberthreat is personally identifiable data, which can be sold off or ransomed for large amounts of money. Under EU law, companies around the globe are legally obliged to follow GDPR compliance, guarding such data from potential breaches, and conforming to the highest security standards. Encryption is the most secure method of personally identifiable information (PPI) protection. Using encryption, an enterprise's valuable data will be protected from theft, as hackers have no means of decryption.

Encryption is complicated when handling the management of private keys. This is where AnonyFlow comes in. AnonyFlow uses encryption-based anonymization to protect part of the data. The rest will be left untouched. Enterprises can decide which data they want to protect. Instead of going through the complex process of secret key management, AnonyFlow handles everything for enterprises. Through the API, information can be deanonymized whenever users need access. Data can also be shared safely and securely with colleagues or third parties. Plus, the company always has a customer support team on hand to handle any queries or issues.

Such protection is also in complete compliance with the stringent legislation like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. By using AnonyFlow, users only have access to the information. As cybercrime continues to rise, AnonyFlow is the next step in data breach prevention.

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