Anitian Unveils SecureCloud to Protect Mission-Critical SaaS Applications

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, October 22, 2020

Rakesh Narasimhan, CEO

Anitian has announced the launch of SecureCloud, a new pre-engineered security service on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

FREMONT, CA: Anitian is the leading cloud security and compliance automation provider. Recently the company has announced the launch of SecureCloud. It is a new pre-engineered security service on Amazon Web Services (AWS). SecureCloud addresses an intimidating challenge for business, DevOps, and security leaders like the rapid implementation of applications and services to customers without sacrificing security measures or privacy protections.

With SecureCloud, customers can:

• Free up business, DevOps, and security teams to concentrate on the core business functions while helping them to adapt to new ways of working

• Save time and money with a comprehensive, pre-engineered security service that automates the complicated, error-prone process of architecting, configuring, and deploying disparate security tools

• Introduce new cloud workloads to market securely and rapidly

“We greatly benefited from Anitian’s Compliance Automation Platform to migrate our application to the AWS cloud and achieve our FedRAMP authorization,” said Ignacio Martinez, vice president of security, risk, and compliance for Smartsheet. “We look forward to further collaborating with Anitian and their pre-engineered SecureCloud as we continue to expand our government business.”

According to Rakesh Narasimhan, Anitian’s CEO, “We hear consistently from customers about their fatigue with procuring, configuring, deploying, and integrating a disparate set of ‘best-of-breed’ security tools and controls. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google have already paved the way customers procure and use cloud services instead of building their own ‘best-of-breed’ services.” “Anitian’s SecureCloud is the next evolution for customers to shift their mission-critical apps into a pre-engineered and secure environment with the most stringent security standards and controls. Given the dynamics of today’s environment, businesses are leveraging the cloud more than ever to seamlessly enable more ways of working. With SecureCloud, security transforms from an impediment to an enabler that accelerates a customer’s business.”

“Anitian has been a key player helping our customers achieve compliance with standards such as FedRAMP and those of the Payment Card Industry (PCI), while also taking full advantage of the scale, security and innovation AWS offers,” said Sandy Carter, Vice President of Public Sector Partners and Programs at AWS.

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