ALTR Announces Accessibility of ALTR Cloud Integration Platform

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, February 16, 2021

ALTR offers direct cloud-to-cloud data integration platform integration with Snowflake to deliver additional governance and data safety for Snowflake customers.

FREMONT, CA: ALTR, an advanced data security provider for data-driven businesses, has announced the availability of ALTR Cloud Integration for the Data Management company Snowflake. ALTR offers direct cloud-to-cloud data integration platform integration with Snowflake to deliver additional governance and data safety for Snowflake customers. With over six years of software creation and over 25 patents globally granted on its technology, the ALTRs Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) platform is now widely open to all Snowflake users.

“As data discovery, access, and sharing in the cloud accelerates, theres an increased need for visibility into data consumption so that organizations can connect the dots and defend against security threats,” said Omer Singer, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy. Snowflake. “ALTR can provide visibility into users accessing data, and provide that telemetry via Snowflake Data Marketplace for combining with other datasets in a security data lake.”

ALTR improves the built-in protection of Snowflakes with the versatility of ALTR’s ability to track, identify and respond to threats and anomalies in real-time data consumption. With cloud-to-cloud connectivity between ALTR’s DSaaS platform and Snowflakes Data Cloud, Snowflake users will benefit from an effortless integration that involves no coding, program updates, configuration, or local device installation. Because integration is direct and does not use a proxy, users can connect using Snowflake themselves or using other apps, such as Tableau or Looker, and instantly see the value.

ALTR is one of the first and only security tools to avoid and deter credentialed data attacks in Snowflake by detecting and reacting to irregular data consumption. With ALTR Cloud Integration for Snowflake, users can customize ALTR to identify and avoid several types of data breaches linked to compromised or misused credentials, expand the role-based access controls to the next generation by enforcing data policy, not the consumer.

“Businesses are increasingly moving sensitive data workloads to integrated data platforms like Snowflake, and as they do, traditional security perimeters have vanished. With this, the need for governance and protection at the data layer has become paramount,” said David Sikora, CEO, ALTR. “Working in parallel with Snowflake, ALTR brings zero-trust to the SQL layer, and scales with the platform making it possible to process safe and secure queries at cloud-scale with ease.”

Snowflake provides a single, open framework for safe and quick access to all corporate data, with almost unlimited scalability and integrated data governance. Since many security or privacy concerns emerge from the theft of credentials, it is essential to provide governance and defense that goes to the question stage to minimize the possibility of malicious data exfiltration or privacy disclosure incidents.

Although conventional data security solutions are implemented in the network infrastructure, ALTR is a service that is uniquely embedded into the vital data route at the individual access-request level of particular device workloads. This provides Snowflake users with the ability to observe and monitor data use, automatically identify and respond to suspicious use, and protect sensitive data from credentialed breaches and attacks on data-driven applications.

Snowflake users can also continually refine their experience by observing how they use their own results. ALTR has a very comprehensive, tamper-resistant record of all requests along with any irregularities and administrative actions. These consumption and protection events can be exchanged With Security Incidents and Event Management (SIEM) platforms such as Splunk or read from Snowflake Data Marketplace for absorption into a security data lake for review.

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